In a dream I was a werewolf, my soul was filled with crystal light
March 9, 2009, 10:28 PM
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I have been an awful blogger. I think it’s because I am so bored with me. Every aspect of my life is at it’s dullest point. I really REALLY need a job, but I hate serving jobs and especially…serving jobs in Murfreesboro, TN.

 Today, though, was special. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a midday date with myself. It was great. I put on a flowery dress and sandals to greet the sunshine and drove around listening to the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s which I have mixed feelings about. I do know, though,  that track 9 (which I am too lazy to look up) is my favorite. I passed a couple of my old bffs in one of their cars while en route to Barnes & Noble. I saw them point and smile, with excitable waves. It left me feeling flustered, nostalgic and bittersweet. I miss the good old days where if this were to happen, I would most definitely had called them immediately and switched cars, eager to join in on their random adventures. Today though, today, I just kept driving. I stayed in B&N for about 2 hours. That place is HUGE. I made rounds to my favorite sections: Fiction, Food, Home Decor, Art, Fashion, Poetry, Photography, etc. I didn’t really have any money to spend, so instead, I just read as much as I could while I was there. I saw this interesting book on building tree houses, not the dinky kind, these were amazing and beautiful. One had solar panels on the outside for lamps and a radio on the inside and what looked like, an extremely comfortable tree house bed. Another book on 50 different ways to tie your shoelaces, I was in awe. Stopped by the poetry section and debated whether or not to spend my last 10 dollars on Rilke’s Letters To A Young Poet, Rimbaud’s Illuminations and Other Prose Poems, or Saul William’s She, but decided instead to just sit in the aisle and read most of them for free. I think a book of poems is such a great gift. I wish I had money to send them to people. I REALLY need a job. Speaking of, I applied at Starbucks today. Goodbye soul, hello corporate america. I wish there was a job in Murfreesboro that paid decent and I actually enjoyed going to. C’moooon, nothing? Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the best part of the day: stopping by Jimmy John’s and splurging on my favorite sandwich, #15. Their salt&vinegar chips are amazing, seriously, to DIE for. It’s funny how I chose not to spend money on something I can hold and keep and be inspired by but instead….



sandwich. But my, was it tasty.


Anyway, today was good, I am a rambling, non sensical girl that needs sleep. I want to write in this more, I just don’t have anything exciting happening to me. I guess I can start making things up. Eh. Until then, enjoy these two videos I like:


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