What? It’s the world’s tiniest burger. You feel me?
April 6, 2009, 1:03 AM
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I want to make a million of these (vegetarian friendly, mind you) and have a tiny cook-out party where everyone has to wear tiny clothes and drink out of tiny cups. This could potentially be the most annoying party EVER. Really though, it is kind of awesome, right? They even printed out the tray sheets and made the little french fries bag with the oh-so authentic grease spots. This meal would be so good for my non-dieting thing I have had going on for years. Burgers are boring after the first couple bites anyway. 

In other less cute, but more serious news, I have the first of my two-day interview process with a potential JOB OPPORTUNITY at a somewhat classy (ehhh) restaurant tomorrow afternoon. I am pretty excited about this and crossing both fingers/toes/eyes/legs/arms/whatever else can be crossed that I land this job and start making some GREEN. I have been such a hassle and a half to my friends and family these past 5 months living my life as this wily, freeloadin’, empty-pocketed gypsy woman with a taste for fine eats, drinks and treats. These things happen. I am 21. I have time. I am allowed to be reckless. 




Well, that’s what I’m saying to talk myself out of laying in bed, eyes staring at the ceiling, counting the years in my head that I have spent partying/wandering/losing my mind and not kicking college’s ass/working/saving/getting OUT of here. 



Anyway… here’s to ME and these wondrously tiny hamburgers.


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i read your blog.

Comment by miranda hoffs

Yay!!!!! I’m so glad someone does.

Comment by beckysolley

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