I want:
April 9, 2009, 12:44 AM
Filed under: Heart, Lists, Oh
  • an apartment of my own with lots of natural light and wood floors
  • to live on the same street as a tasty fish taco stand
  • plants, all kinds of plants, growing out of my closets, windows and ears
  • all my favorite movies on DVD and arranged alphabetically 
  • all my favorite books arranged by color
  • a working record player for companionship on the loneliest of afternoons
  • a someone sleeping next to me while I lay awake
  • a someone awake next to me while I lay asleep
  • to be able to find my sense of spirituality/ease
  • for my family to be happy and not under constant stress/worry
  • a garden full of thriving vegetables/roses/spices
  • for my bicycles to be repaired
  • a big box of crafting supplies, so that I can send people things
  • someone to teach me how to use my sweet, old sewing machine
  • to feel good about myself, my life, where I am and who I am
  • this really great smelling perfume that is outrageously priced
  • to feel as youthful, free spirited and alive as I did when I was 19
  • music festivals with my favorite friends
  • a food processor 
  • to take pilates and/or yoga classes 
  • to try the master cleanse
  • to buy more albums/vinyls versus downloading 
  • have a penpal
  • organize a swap & shop sometime this summer
  • do something crazy with my hair
  • let my hair grow and grow
  • perfect the art of salsa making
  • to decorate my own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room
  • to have a life that is “blog-worthy”
  • limit my intake of alcohol 
  • small friendly get-togethers/day dates vs. late night RAGERS
  • to never stop making lists
  • to check all these things off by fall ’09



    That’s all, folks.


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    i like your layout.

    Comment by b!

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