im eating hot cheetos in bed, uh-oh
October 21, 2009, 10:43 PM
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I am procrastinating studying for my spanish test. I don’t know where these images are from. I have this folder on my desktop labled*, “maybe” that I just shove tons and tons of images from google/blogs/allovertheinternets because I can’t cope with leaving them somewhere that I can’t find later. It’s getting to be quite a large folder, so now I am just going to unload new images onto this, see. It makes sense. Man, why is blogging so appetizing when you have a lot of shit to do? For real. Let’s see… what ‘s new with me.?  Oh! I bought my first tube of lipstick yesterday! Revlon’s Matte ‘Really Red’. I know, right? Holla atcha girl… or should I saw WOMAN. I don’t know what occasion will be appropriate to debut this shout out LOUD of a lipstick, but I hope it comes soon because red lipstick makes me feel funky! And pretty! And fun! And badass!

Okay, all I have going for me right now is lipstick. Fine. FINE.

I’ll study now. CYA.

*I literally cannot figure out how to spell labeled. Oh… there it is.

Your Brain > My Brain


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Sometimes, you’re absentmindedly and randomly searching the internet for good pictures of gypsies and you stumble across a blog that catches your eye. So, you read a couple posts, look at a few pictures, watch a video or two, and before you know it, you realise that you’ve spent your entire morning effectively staring at a person you’ve never met. It’s a bit strange. I must, however confess that this is how I’ve spent my morning, and I’m rather glad for it, and I felt it would be a shame to come and go without saying I enjoyed it. You seem a fair and lovable creature. Keep it up.
Also, I sent you an ad on Facebook.
And, the word of the day happens to be “encomium,” which is a noun for “glowing praise”. I think this comment could reasonably fall into that category.
Good Day!

Comment by Davey Ott

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