here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten

Well, this has most definitely proven to be the best Thanksgiving I’ve spent with my family in my “adult” life. I made everything but the turkey (boooo turkey) and nothing was overcooked or “not quite right,” in fact, it was all pretty spectacular. I even made my first pie and it was GOOD! I know, right? Look at me, look at ME. After stuffing our faces and napping through a Barbie movie, my sister, niece, mother and I  went to see “A Christmas Carol.” If you ever, for whatever reason, end up watching this movie please let me know so we can discuss how WEIRD the Christmas past ghost was. I couldn’t handle it. My sister gave me a raised eyebrow/grin several times throughout his part.

Now, the fam is gone and I have nothing to do. I halfheartedly attempted to round up some folks to go see Fantastic Mr. Fox with me post-family hang, but noooo, everyone is familying still! I haven’t been this excited to see a movie in a long time. Wes Anderson’s take on a Roald Dahl book? Yes please. Mr. Fox’s whistle click click thing is something I am going to try very hard to not reference and abuse to the point of annoyance. I am bad with those kinds of things.

Ugh, maybe I WILL go by myself. I just got so excited about it!

We’ll see what happens when 10:10 DOES roll around. I’ve got a thermos of hot apple cider/cap’n morgan to sneak in. Things may get W I L D.


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