BEWARE friends, strangers, passer-by!
May 13, 2009, 11:30 AM
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August 23 – September 22


Ouch. The truth lands like a stinging slap on someone’s face today. You didn’t mean for that to happen. The words just came rushing out. Mercury will be retrograde in your honest-to-a-fault ninth house until May 31. This marks a fairly inopportune time for impulsive verbal expression. Your opinions will be fiery, but pause before you set the world ablaze. The flames subside quickly and hotheaded tendencies will cool. If you’re feeling impassioned, write in your journal before delivering a speech. This takes the edge off while you wait for diplomacy to return. 

Also, LOST SEASON FINALE, I could die. I will be watching it all by myself so that I can really get into it. I am such a TV GEEK, what happened to me?



Im listening
April 28, 2009, 6:41 PM
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August 23 – September 22

TUESDAY APR 28, 2009

This morning, you slowly realize that you’ve lost your sense of humor. This recognition alone is all that’s required to restore your rapier wit. Poke fun at your inner control freak, your nag, your OCD floorscrubber. Laughing at yourself requires a certain measure of enlightenment. It’s also highly therapeutic today. Blow off work early to meet friends for a beer. Casual conversations open up new possibilities for a promising collaboration–especially around a socially conscious project that’s been brewing in your mind.